Support to change, towards full potential

By ensuring that “who we are”, “where we are going” and “what we are doing” are in alignment at different levels (company, team and individual).
Facilitating the development of core competencies in order to reach your goals
Supporting any change required for the success of transformation projects
02_Development of key competencies
03_Support to change

01_Favoring alignment

Put all your ducks in row:

Nexen helps its clients to observe what is happening and to correct the misalignment between:

“who we are” (core values, identity)

“what we strive for” (mission, purpose, or single goals)

“what are we doing” (daily actions, as individuals or teams)

Nexen operates at three different levels – company, team, individual – separated but connected. We sometimes start our projects at one level and then end up at another, or we act on one specific topic at all levels.




The alignment you didn’t expect with
The alignment between who I am, where I am going and what I do

02_Supporting soft skill development


In line with strategy and goals, Nexen carries out capability studies and assessments (with external partners) to deliver an analysis of the current situation and to build together the desired scenario. In this phase, we identify the competencies (skills) that are key and need to be developed or strengthened.

We study with our clients the soft skills that matter most so that the development project has the most significant impact on business outcomes.



Nexen adopts a variety of methods, such as training, facilitation, and coaching.

Depending on the level we are operating (company, team, individual), we adopt the most suitable mix of methodologies.

Some examples:

> Effectiveness in time management with Design Your Time

> Cultivate Cultural intelligence with our Internationally Minded programs for individuals or for team

Methods adopted:

> Coaching The Nexen Way

> Facilitation

03_Support to change

Supporto al cambiamento

Nexen delivers practical support to transformation projects, by supporting the change needed for a successful outcome

Nexen co-plans the missions together with the client and the key people of the project (project managers, stakeholders, consultants). This ensures that Nexen’s support to change is pertinent and timely, to deliver value to the project.