Consulting company


Co-workers relations


Building identity and vision with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

The company is a one-year-old consulting firm with a successful market response. They are now facing important decisions concerning the relationship with external partners (not the employees) and need to explore their identity


Nexen plans a LEGO Serious Play workshop that includes the founders and key managers.

To start with, everyone explores the company identity as they see it and then shares their model and story and, together, they build a shared vision.

Then, participants do the same with their vision for the company’s future. They build individual models, then create a shared model to articulate the vision. By working on the shared models, especially on the storytelling, the participants come to define a shared vision that lays the ground for the decisions to come.

The newly-created model becomes a landmark for the partners and the team. The model and its story help them to make decisions that are coherent with their identity and vision.