classroom, virtual classroom or a mix of the two

Suitable for:

everyone. Mixed class or company training. Max 12 participants


8 hours, divided into 4 sessions of 2 hours; one week between each session


add individual coaching sessions for each participant (in person or via web)


upon request


Design Your Time (DYT) LIVE is a unique program that approaches productivity, traditionally impersonal, with a human touch.

DYT Live is guided by a certified coach.

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Just like all Nexen programs, Design Your Time encourages thought and alignment activities that help fill the gaps between who we are, where we are going, and what we do. When alignment occurs, the action comes naturally. With Design Your Time we apply the most recent productivity techniques – based on the mind – with reflection on values and motivation – driven by your emotions.

The Program combines Coaching elements with Design Thinking concepts. From Coaching, we borrow, among others, the power of questioning and styles of listening (ourselves) that will lead us to obtain the awareness and the self-confidence to change our situation. On the other hand, from Design Thinking, we get the tools of experimenting on ourselves – in this case, productivity techniques – and quick feedback, to see what works best with us.

By the end of the program, all participants will have developed both their time-management strategy and an alignment tool. They will also have acquired the tools to keep evolving and improve in the longer term. Eventually, encouraged to experiment, they will be already on their way towards the change process with a new mindset that keeps them on track.

As in every program that includes Coaching activities, the time between a session and the next one is important: participants are informed from the beginning that the moments together are just the starting point. The real work comes next when we deal with thinking, acting and experimenting!

These are the core elements that make our program unique and allow us to use an ambitious slogan:

Design Your Time – Innovate your life!