LEGO Serious Play model

LEGO Serious Play: try a workshop on your own!

A LEGO Serious Play Workshop is an amazing experience. To start with, it’s very difficult not to like LEGO! Seriously! The smile on the faces of the participants to my LEGO Serious Play workshops is a sure thing and one I’ve missed dearly this year. Unfortunately, workshops are not really compatible with a pandemic.

LEGO Serious Play is a facilitation method that ensures participants to a workshop contribute with their best ideas and build together, finding solutions, exploring scenarios, developing as a team. It’s great for groups of up to 12 people.

LEGO Serious Play for individuals

But it is also great for individual use!

I use it for myself: when I have a problem to solve; when I feel stuck; when I want to take my mind off with some structured play. It usually leads to insights! I sometimes use it with my coaching clients, too. In particular, I suggest it when I feel it can help them think differently, see an issue from different perspectives, or articulate something they are struggling with.

Try LEGO Serious Play at home!

A lot of people can get their hands on some LEGO at home. So, I thought I’d share the basic warm-up exercise we use to get people familiar with the method. I go through them in this video and I promise it will be fun! In the end, I share three powerful exercises that you can do on your own to explore your identity!

Want to give it a try? Come on, it’s fun! If you do try it, let us know in the comments below or on the YouTube channel how was your experience with this LEGO Serious Play workshop on your own!

If you want to know more about our LEGO Serious Play workshops, check out this page or get in touch!