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LEGO Serious Play: try a workshop on your own!

A LEGO Serious Play Workshop is an amazing experience. To start with, it’s very difficult not to like LEGO! Seriously! The smile on the faces of the participants to my LEGO Serious Play workshops is a sure thing and one […]

How to use the Pomodoro Technique: pros and cons

(and some advanced tips) It’s a very popular technique (we’ve already talked about it here)! Simona shares her personal take on how to use the Pomodoro Technique, highlighting the pros and cons (spoiler alert: there are more pros than cons!). […]

Time management myths busted

(Why do we still believe in them?) Simona goes through three time management myths that are still very much present in our society, especially in the workplace. Sharing how those time management myths have impacted her life, Simona goes through […]

How to use the Pomodoro Technique (with a Chrome extension, as well?)

What is the Pomodoro Technique and why should we care? As we go back to work after the summer break, or to studying, September feels like a fresh start. In 2020, it’s a start that might be different from others, […]

Sailing in weak wind and strong current – when the environment is against us!

On a lazy Saturday afternoon, I was out sailing in the Ligurian Sea with friends. We wanted to sail and not use the engine, to live at the fullest the experience of the wind being our only energy source. It […]

Raider of lost productivity: three things I learned

35 35 is the number of productivity and time management books I have read since 2006. It doesn’t include magazine articles, blogs, and other online resources. It has been called “productivity porn,” and I was into it! What I needed, […]

Make it easier to show up to get stuff done: get an online accountability partner

There are some days when I know from early morning that the hardest part of my work is going to be showing up. It’s easy to slip, it’s easy to say “later” or “tomorrow” and time goes by so quickly! […]