In Nexen,

we believe everyone benefits from a work attitude that is both holistic and genuine. We believe each person creates value for his/her life, customers, employers and society as a whole.


By developing new competencies we explore the potential of individuals and teams.

This increases happiness and through relationships, passions, work, we increase the positive contribution to society.

Helping individuals, teams and companies reach their potentials is our passion

We approach skill development with a coaching heart and a consultant mind, feeling and thinking, intuition, and analysis.

Our programs use a unique blend of analysis, workshops, training sessions, individual and team coaching.

We work at different levels: individual, team, and company.

Whether you are looking to develop new competencies, foster a different mindset, look for new tools, ensure alignment with your goals, we are there for you. We cover both specific goals, such as a project’s completion, and more general ones, such as greater well-being and satisfaction.

Our mission is to accompany people and companies in their journey towards their full potential

We approach skill development with a coaching heart and a consultant mind, feeling and thinking, intuition and analysis.

Our programs combine analysis, workshops, training, consulting, and individual and team coaching.

Who we are


Simona Ferri

Founder and Managing Partner

Simona’s passion is the world! She has lived in many countries across different continents. She loves nature and outdoor sports, where her mind, as well as her body, are engaged. After a career in a global consulting firm, first as country manager (Italy and then China) and later as HR international director, she quits the company to pursue her passion for people development. She achieves certifications as LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator and as business coach and starts supporting companies as a consultant and coach, mainly in the learning and development domain.

In 2018, she creates the Design Your Time program, capitalizing on her experience and extensive research on productivity and time management. Design Your Time DYT is a journey to develop a personal, tailor-made approach to time management.
At the end of 2019, she realizes that she is ready to bring her approach to consulting and coaching and founds Nexen in February 2020.

Working languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish


Federica De Vecchi

Neuro Active Coach and Business Coach – Milan

Federica has worked in multinational companies, in marketing and sales, for 10+years, before finding her real passion: helping people with coaching and with the use of neuroscience. She married these two and she defines herself as a Neuro Active Coach.

Working languages: Italian


Evelyne Bouviala

Executive Coach – Paris
Evelyne Bouviala has held the positions of Human Resources Director and Co-Managing Director, within groups and consulting firms, on international perimeters. She also led the social merger of Ecole Centrale Paris and Supelec. A graduate of a business school in finance, holder of a DESS in International Human Resources Management, Evelyne Bouviala is a certified coach since 2012 with a ICI Masters in coaching and is a certified user of a variety of specific tools, relevant to the conduct of her assignments: MBTI, SOSIE, Appreciative investigation.

She founded and manages Level’in, a tailor-made coaching firm, to support executives and managers in their professional development as well as management teams in improving their collective functioning and performance.

Working Languages: French, English