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Coaching the nexen way


Coaching the Nexen Way

Nexen coaching style blends a business perspective and a focus on people.

We believe that the driver of any change process within a business is the human being as a whole.
Our coaching supports our clients in reaching their potential, by adopting change, overcoming obstacles, and acquiring new skills. Our method ensures that we are oriented to both people and results.

All our coaching programs are lead by a certified coach.

The actions and behaviors that lead us to reach our goals are based on motivation. Two factors come into play: who we are and where we are going. When these two are aligned, our actions come naturally and are effective—complete alignment.
Coaching the Nexen Way engages individuals and teams to pursue this alignment to ensure engagement proactively.

Back to Nexen fundamentals, we try to harmonize actions with motivation, doing with being.

Coaching is widely considered the most effective way to support the development of new skills for business. In conjunction with the alignment effort described above, Coaching the Nexen Way focuses on developing the specific skills that are essential for growth within the specific team, business, or company. This ensures that the efforts in self-development go in the same direction as the business vision.

Coaching the Nexen Way combines creative methods (for example, LEGO® Serious Play®, pictures, art) with business coaching to raise awareness of one’s emotions, express them, and garner insights.


The coach guides the single coachee through the process; in this program, the coachees will find their way to develop the behaviors and change that are best suited to reach their goals and their professional success. 

Individual programs:



Nexen’s coaches lead the team in the exploration of its potential, as a single entity; the members explore what skills and behaviors they can develop as a team, to bring more value to each member, to the team, to the company. It might be collaboration, strategic vision, project management, resilience: the team discovers, with the help of the coach, what it is that they need the most.

As usual, in a Nexen program, there is a lot of alignment going on, but at the same time, it is supported by the deliberate increase of behaviors that build trust, one of the critical elements of a performing team.

A marked increase in the effectiveness of meetings and communication is probably the most tangible outcome of Nexen’s team coaching programs, and it can be observed in less time spent in meetings and conference calls.

Where applicable, Nexen proposes a LEGO® Serious Play® workshop at the beginning of the program; the workshop helps the team to find the most significant themes to work on, to build a shared vision, and to align to common goals.

Programs for teams and companies:


LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play® is a communication, team-work and problem-solving facilitation process. It is structured in workshops, supervised by a certified coach.

LEGO® Serious Play®  aims at maximizing the potential, insight, trust, and energy of each of the participants to the workshop. This is multiplied exponentially when participants build together, creating a common story that drives engagement, purpose and action.

LEGO® Serious Play® uses the bricks as a means of expression of abstract concepts, via the use of metaphors. “Thinking with your hands” leads to different perspectives and insights, new connections, and systemic view. Shared building and thinking makes this even more powerful as a group. 

Nexen’s LEGO® Serious Play® facilitators have trained with the founders of the method and are certified. 

Building on our experience, we offer different programs that make the most of the possibilities of the method, and we integrate it within our coaching, consulting, and training programs.

Programs for individuals, teams, and companies:



We facilitate workshops using the most appropriate tool to achieve the goal, for example the Business Model Canvas and Six Hat Methodology.

Example: Business Model CANVAS, to innovate the business model. The business model canvas is a tool that stimulates the generation of new business models and the renewal of existing ones. It prompts an analysis of all business aspects, from customer target to partnerships, from cost structure to revenue sources. Above all, it highlights the “value proposition”, which is the true value that the final customer perceives.

Nexen applies Business Model Canvas both in its traditional form and coupled with LEGO® Serious Play®. It has proven to be highly effective, not just for business executives but also for dynamic team leaders or professionals.

Example: SIX THINKING HATS to make decisions. De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats technique examines a complicated situation from different perspectives as if each person was wearing someone else’s hat, understanding their point of view.
Nexen employs this facilitation technique, sometimes also combined with others; in particular, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is complementary to it, because it results in various solutions and opportunities; the Six Thinking Hats comes in to help decide what to do next.  



We choose the consulting approach in case it is necessary, applying analysis, problem-solving, scenario planning, and supporting our customers implementing our recommendations.
We don’t hesitate to ask for support to a consulting partner when we are aware that they can give us technical advice or integrate a project.
We choose Kyma in cases of business strategy, innovation and operational excellence both at a company and at a team-level.
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